Betting odds to be restricted during live sports events

In a bid to control problem gambling in Australia, the government is planning to stop broadcasters from advertising the ever changing betting odds during live matches.

Fans of sports are being bombarded by excessive promotions of betting odds during games, and it is important that the focus of the games should be on the skills of the players and not on betting odds.  This is particularly true of young fans just beginning to enjoy sports, and following a favourite team.  Betting should not be the most important factor of a game.

The National Rugby League , which in the past has allowed odds to be broadcast during games, as agreed to follow the new rules.

Estimates show that up to 500,000 Aussies may be at risk of becoming problem gamblers, and this has been a hot issue within the government, especially with the growth and ease of online gambling.  However, many people have become increasingly annoyed by the aggressive marketing of odds during live sports broadcasts.  The new rules will still allow odds to shown before the game, during breaks and after the game.  This has angered many people.

Also, live odds will still be shown within the grounds while games are going on, and these may be seen by viewers on their television sets.

The moves are unlikely to help any who already have a problem with gambling, but will certainly alleviate the frustration felt by those who just want to watch a sports event on television without a constant barrage of betting odds.

The problem gambler is more likely to be found in the pokie room of their favourite club or at home accessing online casinos via their computer, an interest in sport is probably not their biggest priority.