Beginners Guide

Getting started at an Online Casino
Since online casinos first popped up in the mid 90’s there have literally been hundreds and hundreds of companies trying to jump on the band wagon. Needless to say some do a lot more of a professional job than others. Here at Casino Trading Post we aim to take the mystery out of choosing and playing at an online casino by giving you all of our industry insider knowledge. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and we provide our answers below:

Is it safe to use my cash cards at an online casino?
Every Casino listed at Casino Trading Post is 100% secure – this means that you can guarantee that your payment details will be private and depositing and withdrawing cash from these casinos should be a relatively painless procedure. All casinos listed here have payment options coming out of their ears, so if your not comfortable using your credit card, there’s always payment wallets like Neteller Poli and Moneybookers which means double safety!

How can Casinos give away such big bonuses – are they for real?
Online Casinos are now in such competition with each other that it’s necessary for them to give away big welcome and monthly bonuses in order to acquire customers. However, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions attached to any bonus you take as it’s likely to have wagering requirements attached  to it. Which leads us nicely into our next question…

Wagering Requirements – what’s that all about?
Wagering requirements are attached to bonuses to ensure that online casinos are simply not ‘bonus abused’ all the time. They ensure that players do not simply get their free money and then withdraw it. So if a player receives a $100 bonus and this has a wagering requirement of x10, then the player would be required to wager $1000 in order to be able to withdraw that money. One thing to look out for when taking up your bonus is what games you are allowed to clear your wagering on. If you only like playing blackjack, but have taken a slots bonus (because it was a larger amount) then it’s not going to be much help to you.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?
Absolutely 100% not. This is a question I’ve probably been asked more often than any other – especially in the early days of online casinos. Knowing the number of people that used to email in complaining of game fairness, it’s still a hot topic. However, I like to think that most player know they are playing against a fair and  honest casino operation, it’s just that in the heat and passion of the game players can sometimes lose their rag. But just to repeat it for your peace of mind – the days of fly by night operators are long since gone – it simply does not make any sense for huge, multi-million dollar companies to try and de-fauld their customers. Believe it or not most casinos are happy when players win big – it’s the nature of the business. If you don’t take my word for it, simply check out any of the sites listed, here and they’ll all have been audited by major accounting firms – you’ll be able to see payout rates for individual games, month by month.