Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is the best game you can play at any online casino. It has very low hold, and being a Casino Industry insider for a number of years, I can tell you that it’s the one game that can get the Casino bosses hot under the collar!

The beauty of the online world is that you can still find single deck and double deck blackjack freely available in many Casinos (InterCasino is a prime example) and if you play the correct strategy you can find yourself beating the casino on a regular basis.

Also, in an online environment, there’s no shame in sitting in front of your computer with a strategy table (see below) open and looking to see what you should be doing.

However, let us start with the basics, it is very important to familiarize yourself with strategy table and variants of the rules. So depending on what type of game you are playing simply open up the appropriate table and do as it tells you!

If you want to memorize one table that serves all purposes then the best one would probably be a the one in which is more four or more decks and the dealer stands on a soft 17.

So, please click below to view the strategy table for the following versions of blackjack:

  •     Single Deck
  •     Double Deck
  •     Four or more Decks
  •     European Blackjack

Here are a few more pointers that are worth keeping in mind when playing the blackjack online

Never take insurance! Although some card counters, can get away with smaller insurance bets (especially when the deck is full of tens – although this is not helpful online), essentially, the house edge goes up dramatically when you do take insurance – so don’t do it!

Card Counting Does Not Really Work Online! Some mathematical geniuses in land based / live dealer casinos may be able to make money from this but that vast majority of us can’t. You are far better getting to know basic strategy and using this. Online card counting becomes very difficult, unless you are playing multi player / multi hand or get a large number of cards dealt to you in Single deck blackjack the benefits are almost non existent.

However, here is a whistle stop guide to card counting in blackjack… The basic premise of card counting is that a dealers deck that has lots of Aces and Tens left in it is good for the player because it increases the chances of being dealt the cards that are more likely to give the player blackjack (or close to it). On the flip side of this, if the deck is rich in small numbered cards, it’s better for the dealer.

Why a Ten & Ace heavy deck is good for the player

Blackjacks: So, obviously the player and the dealer will see more blackjacks when the deck is rich in tens and Aces but as the player gets paid out at a great rate (50% more) it’s better for the player.

Standing: if you are dealt 12 – 16 it’s much more likely you’ll hit a high card and go bust. Your advantage here is that you can stand on these numbers but the dealer cannot.

Double Down: Generally speaking, if you’ve doubled down according to correct strategy, you’re going to want a ten. You know the deck is full of them, then you should do it.

Insurance: Although, we’ve already warned against insurance, if the dealer has a Ace and the deck is full of tens, the probability of them having a blackjack goes up and so does the likelihood of insurance being a good bet.

Surrendering: Surrendering becomes a better option in a ten heavy deck, as you are much more likely to bust out and the dealer is more likely to get a high score too.

Splitting: This again, becomes more beneficial – high cards are more likely to get other high cards, making your scores higher and the dealer is more likely to bust out.