Caribbean Stud Poker

How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is unlike all other five card poker games, because you are only playing against the dealer and not against any other players. This is a fast paced and very entertaining game. Bluffing is not involved and there is no discarding or changing of cards. In simple terms, you just need to pull a better hand then the dealer!

All players have to place their bets on the table before any cards are dealt out by the dealer. After the dealer calls “No more bets” (which means the dealer will not accept any more bets for that round) he will deal out five cards, face down, for each player and then 5 cards for himself leaving only one card face up.

All players within the game can now view their cards and decide whether they think they can beat the dealers’ hand, from the one card showing. Players cannot discuss their own cards with each other. Once the players have checked their cards they can either fold or carry on by doubling the original bet on the table.

Now all players have made their decision the dealer can show the “hole” cards, a big note to point out is that the game can only continue if the dealer has an Ace and a King showing in their hand. If not, then the players’ bet is handed back plus the original ante.

If however, the dealer does have an Ace-King or better hand and the players hand beats it then the player will receive their original ante and also fixed odds on their call bet (odds may differ from casino to casino, but below will show you some common payout rates).

Evens – Pair or high card

2-1 – Two Pair

3-1 – Three of a Kind

4-1 – Straight

5-1 – Flush

7-1 – Full House

20-1 – Four of a Kind

50-1 – Straight Flush

100-1 – Royal Flush

However, if the dealer does hold an Ace-King or better against which the players’ hand loses, that player will then lose both the original ante and the call bet.

Rules of Play for Caribbean Poker:

  • All players are to be dealt one hand only, no multiple hands allowed per player.
  • If a player is dealt a wrong number of cards (anything other than 5) then that hand is considered “dead” and a “push” is declared.
  • All five cards must be within site of everybody, especially the dealer.
  • No discussion between players as to what cards each player has (as this reduces the house edge drastically, and is not accepted by casino’s)

Tips/Strategy for Caribbean Poker:

Caribbean Stud Poker is an easy game to get to grips with, and thankfully the strategy is fairly easy to remember too, below is the optimal strategy which should give you the best shot at winning some cash!

Optimal Strategy:

Always call bet when you have:

  • A-K-J x x or higher (or)
  • A-K and the dealer’s up card denomination
  • Otherwise Fold