How to Play Craps:

Craps is one of those games which will generate all of the fun and noise in the land-based casinos, and now they have hit online casino’s they are proving to be a phenomenon with all level of players! The beauty of Craps is that you the player can make it as simple or as complex as you want it, as it all depends on the type and amount of bets you place on the Craps table.

First of all, one of the players (up to a total of seven) chooses to be the “Shooter” and this person is the one who throws the dice, and the first throw is called the “Come Out Roll”. Before the Come Out Roll is thrown, all players will place “Pass Line Bets” and the result of these wagers is dependant upon what number the Come Out Roll will be.

Pass Line Bets:

Come Out Role a 7 or 11 = Instant Win.

Come Out Role a 2, 3 or 12 = Instant Lose.

This leaves the remaining possible numbers of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. If any of these numbers arise then it will become what is known as the “Point”. If the Shooter rolls a Point then he/she must keep rolling the dice until the number recognized as the Point OR a 7 appears. If the Point is rolled before a 7 then all Pass Line Bets win, if however, a 7 is rolled before the Pointer then all Pass Line Bets are lost. The game carries on until one of these two numbers come up!

Rules of Play:

Online Craps is essentially a simple game, it’s a casino table game played by several players at once and one of these players is called the “Shooter” (player who rolls the dice). The main game involves the Shooter throwing the dice and the other players betting on the result of the total of the throw.

Some common bets in Online Craps:

Pass Line Bets

Don’t Pass Line Bets

Come Bets

Don’t Come Bets

Craps Tips/Strategy:

Here are some quick tips on how to get a flying start in Craps:

  • Create your own pattern of play and keep to it!
  • If you are in it for the long haul then keep wagering on the “Pass/Don’t Pass” and “Come/Don’t Come” bets.
  • It would be great, but you will not win every roll of the Craps dice!
  • It’s good practice to raise as you win and lower bets when you lose.
  • Placing a Pass Line Bet and an equivalent field bet means that if/when the Shooter Craps out, you will still win your bet in the field. But when the Shooter wins with a 7 or 11, you’ll still be able to break even!
  • Trying out your new Craps strategy in “Practice” mode will help you to play with confidence once you hit the “live” table