Why Play Online Pokies?

  • The average payout for slots and Pokie online is much higher than if you played down the pub. While pub payout can be as low as 90%, some online pokies operators can pay out up to 98% – that’s a much better return for you the punter.
  • You can play in the privacy of your own home and set yourself daily / weekly limits which enable you to keep to your budget.
  • Online operators give generous welcome and a monthly bonus, which means you can double your deposit cash before you even start playing.
  • Online pokies / slots have huge jackpots – a recent example of such a jackpot is the $8 million paid out on InterCasino’s Millionaires Club just a couple of years ago!

What are Pokies?

  • As we all know ‘Pokies’ is Australian slang term for ‘slots’. It comes from ‘Poker Machine’. There are 100s of different types of pokies out there these days the most popular Pokies out there are multi line, bonus games pokies as well as the five reel video pokie.
  • Pokies are extremely popular in Australia – in 1999 it was estimated that the 185,000 pokie machines in Australia represented 20% of the world total.

History of Pokies

  • Charles Fey, of California is credited with developing the first simple, automatic slot machine – this was in the year 1887 it was called the Liberty Bell. It contained only three reels and five symbols – this meant that payouts were simple, easy and no problem to dish out on the spot. This machine proved to be a huge success and ended
    up developing an entire gambling with automatic payout industry.
  • In 1964 the company Bally introduced the first ever electronic pokie – it was entitled “Money Honey” – this took slots to a new level, meaning that machines could have limitless payouts.
  • In Australia the company Aristocrat started developing the slot machine for the Aussie market – this was in 1953 and the slot was called the clubman. In 1956 the New South Wales Government legalized Pokies in clubs – this legislation changed the gambling / pokie industry in Australia forever.
  • By the 1980s Aristocrat were producing electronic video pokie machines with huge payouts and made pokies the most popular form of gambling in the world.

What are the most popular Pokies?

There are obviously 1000s of Pokies in Australia at the moment, it’d be impossible to list them all, so here is a selection of five of the most popular offline games that can be found in pubs & clubs all over the country at the moment.

50 Lions
Highly distinctive due to its appearance – it’s the first 50 line slot in the world – this means that you’ll always have 20 symbols showing on the screen rather than the more standard 15.

Indian Dreaming
Released in 1999, this was the first pokie in which the player could win without having lined up matching symbols – this is due to Aristocrats unique 243 config – in which symbols that are on neighbouring reels can win.

Where’s the Gold?
Where’s the Gold is ‘free game’ heaven – the player can win up to 20 free games simply by picking a character – this character becomes wild when your free games are initiated.

Show me the Money
Another bend on the free games feature, this game was released in 2000 and enables the player to choose between 5 different multipliers or spins – you can also pick up a mystery prize for getting wilds on the first five reels.

Queen of the Nile
This hugely popular slot has (rather unsurprisingly) an ancient Egyptian theme. It can be played up to 20 lines and the player can get up to fifteen game bonuses absolutely free. It’s remained at the top of the charts for nearly 12 years!

Mr Cashman
Although Mr Cashman is a nosalgic game in some ways (it recalls older games such as Mystic Eyes, it does have new features such as side better to hot gonus games.

Penguin Pays
9-line slot in which an iceberg landing and a coin landing on reels one and five will activate a bonus.

Super Bucks
This favourite has had four releases and is still going strong… Another pokie that is packed with free spin options.

King of the Nile
Bit of a cash in on the ever popular Queen of the Nile, but a decent game in it’s own right. 20 lines and lots of mystery prize options.

Online Pokies Facts:

Online Pokies or Online Poker Machines are fast becoming the new love of Australian gamblers – revenues from traditional land basewd casinos are falling while it’s estimated that revenue from online pokies from Australian players is increasing by 30% year on year.

Australians love Pokies. In 1999 it was estimated that around 20% of the entire world’s pokies were based in Australia.

By far the largest population of pokies in Australia is in New South Wales and by far the smallest is in Western Australia were pokies are only allowed in the Burswood Casino.

Here at Casino trading Post we aim to provide you with an in depth coverage on pokies – both on and offline – helping you keep up to date with the Aussie pokies industry.

So keep an eye on this page as we’ll be updating it regularly.

In addition to pokies us Aussies also love horse racing so it’s great to know that there is going to be a land-based Melbourne Cup pokie coming our soon!