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How to Play Roulette:

Roulette is one of the most well known casino games ever, with people who have never gambled before saying that if they ever did, it would be the spinning wheel of Roulette that they would try their luck with!

It’s a simple game, with the basic aim of wagering your money on the number and/or colour on which the Roulette ball will end up. You can make many other types of bets ranging from odds and evens, 1-18 or 19-36, rows and columns to name just a few.

Throughout the casinos the minimum and maximum limits of wagers differ, so be sure to have a look around and find the right casino for you!

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Rules of Play:

In Roulette, there are many different types of bet that you can place, below you can see some of the more common bets and the payout return:

Single: Placing a wager on just one single number. Payoff is 35 to 1.

Split: Placing your wager on the line between any two numbers. Payoff is 17-1.

Trio: Placing a wager on the intersecting point of three numbers, which is only possible with 0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3. Payoff is 11-1.

Corner: Placing a wager on the intersection of any four numbers. Payoff is 8-1.

Four Numbers: Placing a wager on numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 by setting the bet on the intersection of 0 and 3. Payoff is 8-1.

Street: Placing a wager on a row of three numbers by setting your bet at the end of the row. Payoff is 11-1.

Line: Placing your wager on two “Streets” of numbers, set your bet on the line of both selected rows, at the end of both rows. Payoff is 5-1.

Dozen: Placing a wager on the “First 12”, “Second 12” or “Third 12” boxes, these cover 12 numbers each. Payoff is 2-1

Column: Placing a wager on a column of numbers by placing a bet in one of the “2-1” boxes on the end of the table. Similar to dozens, columns cover 12 numbers in total. Payoff is 2-1.

High or Low: Place a wager on one of the boxes marked “1-18” (low numbers) or “19-36” (high numbers). Payoff is 1-1.

Red or Black: Placing a wager on what colour it will be. Zero does not count for either Red or Black. Payoff is 1-1.

Odd or Even: Placing a wager on simply if the outcome will be even or odd. Again, Zero does not count for ether choice. Payoff is 1-1.