Slots Strategy

There are many theories when it comes to Slots/ Pokies Strategy and although some may bring you better luck than others I prefer to give players a list of guidelines as opposed to a definitive strategy, so check out the golden rules below…

However, if you are just interested in finding out the best place to play Online Pokies / Slots Online, have a browse of our online casino reviews page.

Casino Trading Post’s Ten Golden Rules of Slots

  •     Always make sure you know the game, the odds and the payout schedule before you start playing
  •     Try to select a machine that has a good play out rate – if you can find one above 95% you’re on to a winner. Although if you are a high roller who’s willing to wager more money (25 units / spin) then go to InterCasino’s VIP Slots – you’ll find a pay out rate of 96.5% on these – the best in the industry.
  •     Find a machine and wagering level that suits your bank roll. Always check the line bet and your total bet when you first get on a machine – sometimes online pokie machines can be set to the highest bet limit.
  •     The primary rule of slots is that they are fun – an escape from the every day & the dull. So set yourself an amount to play with and just play with that. If you ever start to get panicky or frustrated you know that you need to walk away!
  •     Likewise, set yourself a win limit that you’d be really happy with before you start playing – if you get luck and win the money, bank it and save it for playing another time.
  •     Don’t spend all your time and energy on a machine that is simply not paying out – if it’s not happening, try a different machine.
  •     If your on a hot streak and winning cash, bet more and if thing aren’t going your way, lower your bets.
  •     Always do your homework of the slot you play on. If you can’t be bothered to read up – stick to what you know best.
  •     Cash out your winnings.
  •     Have fun.