Video Poker

How to Play Video Poker:

Video Poker is one of those universal games that if you’ve never played before then you will learn in mere minutes! Simply clicking on the “Deal/Draw” button will start the game and you will receive your cards.

The overall basis of the game is to acquire a winning combination of cards with each hand you play, you can improve the strength of your hand by “holding” particular cards that were dealt to you and by getting rid of others that are not of use to you at that time.

Rules of Video Poker:

The general rules of Video Poker are easy to grasp, the basic actions are as follows

Decide how much you wish to wager per hand

Click “Deal/Draw” button to be dealt your card

Then keep all your cards or “hold” and swap other cards to make your best hand possible

Click “Deal/Draw” button again see if you have won

Start again!

Here are the hands that you are looking to hold:

Jacks or Better: Lower pairs than Jacks do not count as winning hands.

Kings or Better: Only a pair of Kings or Aces counts as winning hands.

Two Pair: Any two sets of pairs of the same value.

Three of a Kind: Three cards of the exact same value.

Four of a Kind: Four cards of the exact same value.

Five of a Kind: Five cards of the exact same value, with an additional Wild Card making up the five.

Straight: Five consecutive cards by card value, does not need to be the same suit.

Flush: Any five non-consecutive cards, all must be of the same suit.

Straight Flush: Five consecutive cards, all must be of the same suit.

Royal Flush: Five consecutive cards, all of the same suit and the first card starting at ten with the last card as an Ace.

Wild Royal Flush: Exactly the same as a Royal Flush, but this hand contains a Wild Card.

Tips/Strategy for video poker:

Video Poker is essentially a game of luck, but knowing and learning the various winning hands can seriously aid you in winning some cold hard cash! Knowing which cards to “hold” and which to discard is the key to being successful in Video Poker, and in any variation of Poker for that matter!

So make sure you take the time to study the hands above.