The best Live Dealer casino we have come across is Spin Palace- it not without it’s faults, but it is the best in the market for Aussie players in our opinion.

Playtech have set up their own live dealer operation – which is what Grand Reef use.

It’s a nice feature to have, but currently I can’t imagine wagering levels are very high – the whole process of placing a bet is very slow.

The issues that come out for Playtech are:

  • Card reader issues (dealer can’t make card read through to player’s screen)
  • Cannot clearly see cards numbers or read table (when card are on the live table (virtual versions are obviously fine).
  • Slight time lag
  • Feels very slow – must be hard to get wagering up to decent level.

One thing that is clear is that attractive, charismatic dealers are essential in making the operation work – the full tables are generally those hosted by dealers that fit that categorization! The dealers that flirt with the players are the most successful! Grand Reef has such dealers!