Review of the Mobile Casino Market

In the interest of Australian mobile gamblers, we’ve had a good look around the mobile gambling marketplace and reviewed the numourous offerings out ther, here’s what we found…

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The quality of Mobile Casino Games is not bad but there is still a long way to go before the mobile games come up to the standard of games found at regular online casinos. The most innovative mobile app we encountered was not a mobile casino but a sports betting app. William Hill’s (UK Bookermaker) ‘Shake a Bet App’ was really fun to use and had the effect of making you place bets you probably did not realise you wanted to make (not sure if that’s a good thing). The idea behind the app is you type in how much you want to bet, the type of bets you are interested in (if you want to), the number of bets you want to make and how much you’d like to win… Then you shake…

The app then shows a series of popular bets in relevant events that are happening in the next couple of days… If you like some of the suggestions you hold them, and shake again for additional options. This was the one app that felt it had been designed for the format, rather than taking an existing online game and trying to make it fit into a mobile device.

In terms of the stand out mobile casinos from the selection we looked at we liked Paddy Power’s Probability / IGT’s Mobile Casino – it had the best selection of games – mixing well known IGT Mobile titles like Cluedo, Monopoly and Cleopatra with a nice selection of well made mobile casino games from Probability. Their mobile site was also well designed and nicely integrated into the main Paddy Power site.

In terms of mobile functionality and ease of getting started Probability’s site, Ladylucks (which is the first casino reviewed in this document) was probably the best – the interface within the mobile app was easy to use, the space to enter your phone number on their site was immediately visible and the fact they gave you a free £2.50 to register made it a really easy experience to get playing right away.

Overall I would say that no one has quite got the mobile format to a100% spot on yet in Casino – the games are still a little slow and clunky to play and the designs of the interfaces and the games themselves are not incredible.

Our Choice of Mobile Casino

Spin3 is a division of Spiral Solutions Ltd and has partnered with Microgaming (Spin Palace’s software provider), to provide turnkey solutions for mobile gaming.

The complete Spin3 offering includes dynamic casino systems, marketing services and innovative new mobile casino games.

Interestingly the main Spin Palace site ( does not have an option to enter your phone number and get sent the mobile casino, the only possible reason for this that they want players who are on the website, on a PC, to download the casino rather than get the mobile version – mobile customers (unsurprisingly) are obviously not as valuable as download players.

Players who are on a mobile device are automatically diverted to the mobile friendly site which is perfectly set up for mobile-player acquisition.

Spin Palace offer an interesting mobile payment option called Payforit… A unique mobile option that adds your deposited funds to your monthly phone bill, making it easy for you to start playing immediately.

In addition to the main website ( there is also a dedicated mobile website which is specifically set up to cater for mobile acquisition – players simple enter their mobile number in the site and click the ‘download now’ button and the player is sent the mobile casino direct to their phone.

The product itself is not amazing, in comparison to the quick, graphic-rich games we are used to seeing at online casinos the games can seem slow and dated. There is a theme of keeping things simple, which while works well for the platform but can lead to the games getting dull rather quickly.

Spin Palace are pretty proactive in their recruitment of mobile customers, they offer affiliates script, which converts sites into a mobile friendly format. The script automatically places Spin Palace as the #1 choice for mobile casino (obviously). Spin Palace also has a decent array of banners dedicated to the mobile product.